Youth are the future and we need to ensure that Malta nurtures them and serves them to realise their full potential. Investing in our youth means investing in our collective future.


Enhance cycling infrustructure

Continue with process for introduction of race track

Provide financial help for first degree studies

Provide entrepreneurial leadership training

Extend music instrument scheme

Improve drug rehabilitation programme

Introduce 1 year voluntary work scheme

Juvenile Justice

Drug Prevention at Schools

Strengthen National Youth Council

Promote sport with people with disabilities

Achieve Net Neutrality

Carry out a study on youth skills gap

Establish new horizons for our economy

Improve the incentive for youth first time home buyers

Financial assistance during tuition and not after course

Set up in patient wards for adolescents

Obtain rights of certain works for public educational use

Guarantee online freedom of expression

More resources to the police to fight the war on drugs

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