Alternative Democracy: Citizen's Assemblies

Alternative Democracy: Citizen's Assemblies

With the political system failing to address the major issues of the time, as well as most of the minor ones, we are using the first day of the International Rebellion to look at alternative systems of democracy. Here are the ideas people shared about how we can spread participatory democracy!


Basic Interaction with People

Role in Schools (and Workplaces)

Addressing the Challenges of Inviting People

Citizen's Assembly in Universities


Engage many and be inclusive.

Use Transition Towns* to give talks on Citizen's Assemblies.

Mandate of the Citizen's Assembly

Welcoming Spaces

Councils provide space

Bridging the Divide


Importance of Local Citizen's Assemblies

Test the system


Information of Sortition and Citizen's Assemblies

Different Kinds of Citizen's Assemblies

Children of the Revolution!


Positivity and Optimism

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